* Available for Custom WP Themes featuring Real Women Dolls or Whimsy. *

If you're interested in having some genuinely unique custom graphics made for you, then you've come to the right place. My graphics are the result of many hours spent recreating what's in my imagination. It's my greatest pleasure to be able to create graphic images unlike any you'll ever see elsewhere.

My graphics are created in Microsoft's basic Paint program. I do not use any other programs. Due to this fact, patience is a must when placing requests for custom graphics. Custom orders are created in between filling premade graphic orders, and running my online jewelry business. Rest assured though that your completed customs will satisfy both you and I without compromising the quality of the graphics. I do not rush the creative process. I take great pride in my customer's satisfaction.

My artistic style can be seen by browsing through the Graphic section. Before placing your order please keep in mind that my graphics are static. I do not animate.

Click on icons to view custom orders in the making:

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WP Themes featuring Real Women Dolls or Whimsy: $55.00

This Word Press/Journal Package includes the following graphics;
1 topper graphic of your specified size containing 1 doll character
4 backgrounds (1 decorative, 2 mid tones & 1 plain)
1 avatar with doll (your specified size)
1 40 by 40 gravatar (decorative/no doll)
3 bullets (very small to embellish text areas)
3 mini decorative graphics
1 page line, 1 page divider
1 88 by 31 linkage graphic
1 logo for linking back to Mable's Makings

The topper, avatar, and linkage graphic will be personalised with your name and your website's name. When inquiring about this custom package please be sure to let me know the overall theme you have in mind, the colors you'd like used, your doll type, your hair color & hair style.

*Contains only graphics and 1 html file for display purposes. You will need to find a WP template.

Contact me about your Custom Request

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