Standard Terms Listed Further Down the Page

I reserve the right to amend these Terms at any time without prior notice. What you are purchasing is a License to use my graphics not the graphics themselves. I retain Copyright Property Rights to all my graphics. Please note that all licenses to use my graphics are sold as is. No refunds will be given for any reason so be sure that the graphics you request to use are really what you want. If you lose the zipfile containing the graphics you've purchased, and you'd like me to resend it, a $2.00 resending fee will be required. The request for resending will only be fulfilled if payment is made through Paypal. That is unless it's a single graphic file & certificate, then it's free. To prevent the loss of any of your graphic files I highly recommend burning copies of them onto CDs.

* If your site is password protected, I must have the username/password at all times to view my graphics. * This applies to all my graphics except for the Signature Tags & Blog Bits which you are free to use in your password protected Blogs/Journals without being required to give me access. I will not join membership areas in order to obtain usernames/passwords. You will need to include them in your initial request to purchase. I expect to be updated of any username/password changes you make. A suggestion for how this can be done easily is to keep a separate email address list of all the graphic artists you buy from and 'bcc' (blind carbon copy) them all an email that you've adressed to yourself whenever you make any changes to your password protected areas.

* Due to the frequency in which web sites open and close, I reserve the right to reclaim 'Custom Web Sets' or 'Adoptable' graphic licenses if you permanently close your adoption shop/web site or if you are closed longer than 60 days, or if you have breached my Terms of Use. I may reuse these graphics as linkware offered from Mable's Makings. Or, I may decide to incorporate them into purchaseware items at a reduced price. What I reuse them for will be up to my own discretion. The only time I will waive this clause is if you've purchased the license to use an individual custom graphic that is not designed to be offered from your site as an adoptable.

* My graphics may not to be used on sites containing pornography. They also may not be used on MSN, or Yahoo Group sites. [or any other sites that do not allow protective page scripts] If your website has any illegal content your request to use, or purchase, my graphics will be denied.

* Illegalities consist of any of the following: Discrimination against persons based on...Race, Nationality, Residential Country, Sexual Preference, Religious Beliefs, Social Class, Disabilities, Gender or Age. It is also illegal for your site to contain... any form of harm to persons, or animals. [unless it's anti-harm] distribution of copyright protected property. [such as offering fonts, mp3s, computer programs, graphics, or artwork that is not your copyright property]

* I request that my graphics be used only on sites with a 'no right-click' script enabled. [no MSN or Yahoo Groups] If they ever design their webpage editors to support scripts, then this stipulation would of course be changed. In the meantime there are plenty of free web hosts that do support such scripts. These scripts may be found at Dynamic Drive.

* Credit for my graphics must be linked back to my main URL only at... A logo linking back to my site must be on each and every page where my graphics are being used. 'Credit' pages are unacceptable. Text links are permitted for those offering my adoptables. And, in those cases, only on the same page nearby where the adoptable is being displayed. In some cases, a text link will also be deemed acceptable for visually esthetic reasons. I'll leave it up to each individual to decide which situations should warrant this.

* All graphics must be requested through e-mail. No downloading permitted without my consent. [consent is given to save the graphics on the "Link to MM's" page.] Graphics are labelled so be sure to type the correct title on the Order Form, or in your request to purchase email.

My Standard Terms Listed

1. No alterations to my graphics of any kind.

This includes the alteration of their original appearance. No colorizing, no resizing, (use only original h & w dimensions) no chopping, splicing, or dicing, no changing image format. Most of my images are .gif format. No adding text unless it's on blank buttons, or banners provided solely for that purpose. Or in some cases, text on adoptables. * Refrain from using filter applications that may alter the appearance of my graphics.

2. My graphics are non-transferrable.

Meaning if you purchase a license to use my graphics you may not pass them onto others for them to use. Graphics are for your use ONLY.

About Signature Tags & Blog Bits

These individual smaller graphics must be linked back to They are to be used only as website decorations, or in emails. Not for use in guestbooks, message boards, or discussion forums. You may, however, use them in your password protected blog/journal as long as you have protection scripts on your pages preventing visitors from downloading them.

Signature Tag Usage Amendment April 12th, 2005: - Due to the number of requests I've received I've decided to allow 'personalised' Sig Tags to be used on Discussion Forums. Not Yahoo, or MSN Group sites though, and only if the Sig Tag has been personalised with your name by me. They still require an active clickable credit link back to Mable's Makings. 'As is' Sig Tags & Blog Bits are not included in this exception to the rule.

About Adoptables

Real Women Dolls must be listed in their own category at your shop, and be available to others within 7 days of purchase.

You do not need to have an official adoption shop in order to purchase my adoptables. You may offer them from your personal/commercial website. I set the Terms of Use for my adoptable graphics. Buyers may not specify additional 'Adoption Terms' for my graphics that might be hurtful, offensive, or discriminate against anyone wishing to adopt them. Adoptables are to be offered only from the original website url submitted by the purchaser at the time of their purchase. They may not be reoffered at another url without my prior knowledge and approval. If you choose to close your adoption shop or website, I reserve the right to reclaim any graphics that you purchased unless you notify me of website url changes to where you'd like to reoffer the graphics for adoption. I keep a list of 'Sold' adoptables here at my site for collectors of Mable's Makings graphics that I'd like to keep current.

3. Do not use my graphics to make derivitive works.

This means no making banners, cards, signature tags, stationary, background tiles, or any other images using my graphics.

4. I retain the Copyright on all of my graphics.

This means that even if you purchase the use of any images from my site you must still abide by my Terms of Use whether you have read them or not. Purchasing the use of graphics does not mean ownership of them. You're purchasing a licensed agreement for visual decorative display only. This particular Copyright issue is often misunderstood. This is a very common stipulation made by graphic artists.

5. Printing My Graphics

You may print my graphics for personal use such as using them to make items for family, or friends. You may not however use them to make items to sell either online of offline. The only graphics permitted for commercial use printing are Product Labels & Logos purchased at the commercial use rate. There are some other instances when I may create business graphics designed for printing. But, this service will only be included in graphic purchases meant for Commercial Use.

6. Commercial Use

Any/all of my premade graphics can be used to decorate commercial websites. Custom made web sets intended for use on commercial sites must be ordered at the commercial use rate. Websites that offer anything for sale are considered commercial. I also consider websites that get paid to have promotional banners for 3rd party products to be commercial. Whether the webmaster is paid in money, or in trade, I consider such a website to be profiting. Premades websets, or graphic collections which have been altered for use on a commercial website will be priced at a slightly higher rate than if they were altered for use on a personal website. I consider 'alteration' of graphics to be no different than customizing.

7. Web Designers

Anyone who receives any form of payment to build websites for others is considered by me to be a 'Web Designer.' If you have 'customers' who'd like you to use my graphics when creating their websites, a fee of $5.00 will be charged for each license in addition to the cost of whichever web set, or graphic collection purchased for this reason. The $5.00 Designer fee is to be paid to me by the Web Designer who can then bill their clients. The web set, or graphic collection must be purchased by the client who will retain the license to use the graphics. *Unless the client has requested that the Designer purchase my graphics on their behalf. In such a case I require a copy of an email stating said request.

8. For profit

No one other than myself may profit from the use of my graphics. This means no using my graphics to create items for sale be it online, or offline. Nor through any other means that an individual or company might think of for profit.

Thank you for taking the time to read these Terms.
If you have any doubts about usage please contact me.
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