Introducing Mable's Premades

Thank you for your interest in my premade graphics. I hope you enjoy using them to decorate your website as much as I enjoy creating them. Use the above menu to view all premade graphics available for purchase here at Mable's Makings.

Real Women - the Real Women Dolls are the only adoptables I currently offer. These graphic dolls are based on the personalities of the 'real' women in my life. Products featuring the Real Women Doll graphics have recently become available for sale in 2 local stores. Eventually, these products will be available for purchase through my Whimsy Within website.

Sig Pack - 15 sig tags at a special discounted price for anyone interested in purchasing more than 1 or 2 sig tags from Mable's Makings.

Sig Tags - there are 7 categories listed in the Sig Tags section. Misc. Tags (everyday various styles), RW Tags (featuring portrait style Real Women Dolls), Whimsy (tiny little dolls created in a light-hearted whimsical style), Little Ladies (smaller tags created in various themes suitable for use on blog/journal type layouts), Friendship (graphics created for friends & loved ones), Avatars (individual and pre-packs), Charms (Gemstone Charm bracelets).

Web Sets - most of the web sets offered at MM's are the Shanty web sets featuring the Real Women Dolls. These sets consist of anywhere between 80 to 110 graphics. The Shanty web sets include cabins suitable for use as splash/entrance graphics.

Collections - larger graphic collections consisting of enough matching graphics to decorate a complete website. Collections consist of more graphics than the web sets contain.

Extras - Various items created as 'add ons' to existing web sets such as WP page toppers, avatars, gravatars, linkage graphics, and cabins. Many of the cabins are included in the RW Shanty web sets, but they can be purchased individually to be used with graphics from the Collections section.

Sold List - this is an up to date list of all the websites you can visit to adopt the Real Women Dolls and other various adoptions I've created.

Be sure to read my Terms of Use to clarify any questions you might have about the use of my graphics.